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Bill Maher exposed as clueless

It seems that liberal weenie Bill Maher was recently exposed as clueless (of course, many of us already knew that). He had Tony Snow on his show, and Tony took him to school.

Read about it here.

Thanks to The Baron for the link to this story.


Iraqi Women Standing Strong

Here’s a great article about some Iraqi women who are arming themselves and standing up to the terrorist thugs.

Of course, we should expect that liberals will soon be calling for more gun control in Iraq. How long will it be until Sarah Brady goes to Iraq to organize a Million Mom March?

Great Discussion

Extremist is having a great discussion over at his Blog. It deals with homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and a proposed amendment in Texas.

Extremist makes some great arguments and does a good job of getting to the heart of the matter.

It’s definitely worth checking out.


Hollywood just doesn’t get it. It should be no mystery why Americans are staying away from the movies in increasing numbers.

This article says it all.

Great Op-Ed

Rush Limbaugh has a great op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal today. Here is an exerpt:

“The Democratic Party has been hijacked by 1960s retreads like Howard Dean; billionaire eccentrics like George Soros; and leftwing computer geeks like It nominated John Kerry, a notorious Vietnam-era antiwar activist, as its presidential standard-bearer. Its major spokesmen are old extremists like Ted Kennedy and new propagandists like Michael Moore. Its great presidential hope is one of the most divisive figures in U.S. politics, Hillary Clinton. And its favorite son is an impeached, disbarred, held-in-contempt ex-president, Bill Clinton.”

Read the entire piece here.