Hollywood just doesn’t get it. It should be no mystery why Americans are staying away from the movies in increasing numbers.

This article says it all.


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  1. Alex Cone on

    You blame “Hollywood” for the corruption of society when “Hollywood” in many scholars’ eyes could easily be seen as a projection of our capitalistic society.

    Defined: Just like Johnson & Johnson may see demand for a certain type of shampoo and make a fitting product based on profit motives alone (you would be hard pressed to prove to me that the Leaders and J & J are in the game for the cleanliness of hair), So do moviemakers, who by no means are concentrated in one “evil” city, make movies not for the concern of the mankind’s spirituallity, but to make a profit. In this wholly God breathed economic system “Capitalism” the present value of a dollar (i.e. calculator for interest rates)is based soley on somebody else’s desire (or want) for your dollar. More easily said, “there is always someone who wants your dollar more than you do, and on the same token will do just about anything to attain.” Vula: “INTEREST RATES”

    If you want to go to the root of the problem, as I gather you do by blaming it on “Hollywood,” you might want to read from more than just 1 artical that “says is all” and do some research on what a economic “Free Market” really is.

    In doing this last piece, you will begin to see that the side you support as ‘Godly,’ is making the system (“Hollywood”) exponentially stronger, and in my opinion, “more evil,” by providing corporate welfare, and even more so by educating our youth apolegetically when it comes to monetary value.

    Let this sink in for about the time it took you to read the artical that “says it all.”

  2. extremist on


    Decisions in Hollywood about what movies get made are not driven exclusively by “captialist” concerns. Otherwise, there would be many more G- and PG-rated movies made — and many fewer R-rated movies. Despite that fact that family movies consistently do more business, Hollywood continues to push R-rated stuff out the door as fast as they can.

  3. Alex Cone on


    You mean to say that “Hollywood” moviemakers are making movies “R rated” against the will of the moviegoing public?

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