How disgusting that politicians decided to use the funeral of a wonderful woman (Rosa Parks) to grandstand and attack President Bush. What should have been a fitting tribute and deserving memorial turned into hours of rehashed rhetoric. How sad.

The funeral for Rosa Parks was held in Detroit (where she lived for many years until her death), and the politicians from John Kerry to Hillary Clinton to Nancy Pelosi (who invited her?) to Bill Clinton were tripping over themselves to be seen and heard. Even disgraced has-been Jesse Jackson was there.

What should have been a true celebration of life was turned into a political free-for-all.


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  1. Hoots Musings on

    Yes and what appalled me is Bill Clinton dredging up a memory from his childhood (age 9) about sitting at the back of the bus and letting the Negroes have the front….yeah right Bill.

  2. Jeff on

    Oh man, I didn’t hear that. He probably bit his lip and wiped away a tear when he said it.

  3. PatrickMead on

    It was later established that schools weren’t desegregated at that time so Bill wasn’t on the bus with blacks until he was 11. One more lie.

    Another point: Mrs. Parks was a gentle, wonderful, sweet woman. She would not have complained about the funeral, but she wouldn’t have liked it much. She had such an air of dignity about her that it was easy to love her. I miss her already.

  4. Hoots Musings on

    In my humble opinion, I think the politicians made a mockery of Rosa Parks funeral and I too have a sneaking suspision she would have not said a word but disapproved.

    Did anyone hear the hearse ran out of gas idling during the long service?

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