Kerry Reveals his true feelings

Senator John Kerry would like you to believe that he supports our men and women in the military. But his words betray him. Yesterday on “Face the Nation” he basically called our troops in Iraq ‘terrorists’ when he said:

“There is no reason that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children.”

I bet this really helped troop morale!

Let us all give thanks that this anti-American, anti-military, hippie, war protester was not elected president.


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  1. PatrickMead on

    How long do we have to pretend that Kerry and Dean et al are patriots?

  2. Greg Kendall-Ball on

    If I’m a soldier, and I hear that someone is doing their best to get my behind out of the desert or out of the streets of some foreign city and back home to my family, I know my morale would be raised.

    But hey, maybe some of those GIs on the ground actually believe what their CinC is feeding them.

  3. Jeff on

    I am quite sure the soldiers would love to return home. But Kerry’s (and Dean’s and Murtha’s and Pelosi’s) remarks are not designed to do that. They are designed to undermine the mission for their own political agenda.

    And the soldiers know that.

    If they thought that people like Kerry had their best interests in mind, they would have voted for him. Thankfully, they did not.

  4. PatrickMead on

    I agree, Jeff. And, Greg, what are the chances that you would ever BE a soldier? Those who choose that life do so as volunteers. And over 80% of them support the President acording to recent polls.That would indicate that their morale wouldn’t be raised by a cut and run policy.

  5. Dallasfan on


    Let me address the soldier comment. As I soldier, I know who is actually feeding me and it is NOT John Kerry, Murth, or Pelosi. They are playing politics daily with the War on Terror. I will say that is one respect at least the Democrats are right in comparing the W on T to Vietnam. Before you begin patting me on the back, the similarity is that during Vietnam it is generally universally accepted that Vietnam was being controlled by Washington by the politians. Today we have the same attempt in Washington, and fortunately for us (the military) we have a CinC who is letting the commanders in the theater control and manage the war. I am sorry, but you do a disservice to yourself by talking about the analagy of you as a soldier. You will never be one so the point is not a valid point.

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