A Free Pass?

You may not have heard about the recent comments by Ray Nagin, Mayor of New Orleans. He said that hurricanes Katrina and Rita were a sign that God is mad at America. He also promised that New Orleans would be a “chocolate” city again. Read all about it Here.

You may not have heard about it because it wasn’t widely reported. Why does Ray Nagin get a free pass when he says something stupid (and borderline racist), but Pat Robertson is lambasted when he does the same thing? Can you imagine what would happen if there was a terrible tragedy in Salt Lake City and during rebuilding the mayor happened to say, “This will once again be a vanilla city”???

I wonder if Kendall-Ball and Dr. Elrod will have anything to say about it?


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  1. Davehttp://tobetheman.com on

    If by not widely reported you mean on Yahoo’s, CNN’s, and MSNBC’s frontpage.

    Besides, everyone knows Chocolate is tastier than Vanilla.

  2. extremist on

    Yeah, but we first look to GKB and Dr.E for our up-to-the-minute updates on wackos seeing God’s judgment in everything. Nothing there yet. Hmmmmm.

  3. Greg Kendall-Ball on

    My sincerest apologies for not posting sooner.

    I do tend to give at least a few hours of grace before lambasting one of God’s special idiots.

    Until such time as Pat Robertson puts me on his email list for stupid comments, I will still have to wait for it to trickle down to me via the internet.

    And in this case, I think we can make a case that Ray Nagin is simply in over his head. Before Katrina, who had heard of this guy? Can you name the mayors, from memory, of more than 10 other U.S. cities? This guy was forced into the spotlight by a natural disaster, and is apparently unequipped to handle all the attention. Pat R., media mogul and health-food genius that he is, should know better by now.

  4. Hoots Musings on

    Let us not forget Hillary Clinton stating the Bush administration is like a plantation!

    If a Republican had said that, oh no, Katie bar the door!

    Double standard.
    Liberals have a license to be stupid, Conservatives don’t.

  5. Greg Kendall-Ball on

    I love Mrs. Bush’s reply to Hillary’s statement. The classic “Nuh uh” rebuttal. Brilliant, intelligent, and classy, all in one woman. Perhaps she should run!

  6. Jeff on

    Actually Greg, she said the statement was ridiculous — which it was.

    But it *can* be difficult to find an appropriate response to such a dishonest accusation.

    By the way — have you stopped beating your wife?

  7. Greg Kendall-Ball on

    What happens on my plantation, stays on my plantation.

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