Joel Stein (who wrote the column asserting that he doesn’t support our troops) and those who admire him, would probably love the banner shown in the picture above.

I like what Ed Morrissey had to say about it:

“I will remind Stein and the Left that these men and women elect, as free citizens, to join the armed services of their own free will to protect all of us, regardless of partisan standing or philosophical bent. They follow the orders of their duly elected Commander-in-Chief, as authorized by Congress and organized by the officers commissioned under the Constitution. If one has a problem with the direction given to these men and women, take it up at the ballot box. We have an open and free society that allows for the peaceful transfer of power over the military by popular vote. If you find that your viewpoint does not get shared by a voting majority, don’t blame the soldier for the lack of appeal that your partisans had in the election.

Supporting the troops really just means that you appreciate that they stand ready to carry out the policies of the United States in defense of our freedom and liberty, as expressed in the policies of our elected government. That has no bearing on any particular mission or enterprise, but instead comes from the sacrifice offered by our fellow citizens in uniform to give their lives so that we may remain free — free to select our own leaders, free to write blogs, free to disagree with each other … and in Stein’s case, free to make an ass of himself by writing one of the most ill-conceived pieces of tripe published in a major media outlet.”


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  1. Greg Kendall-Ball on

    So now being opposed to an unjust war of American imperialism is equated with advocating or supporting the murder of officers by the troops?

    Do all “conservatives” use this sort of moral mathematics, or just a few?

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