Support our Troops

Michelle Malkin has put together a great list of ways to ignore Joel Stein and support the troops. Read it HERE.


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  1. Ron Franscell on

    From MSM/blogger Ron Franscell at

    I’ve long believed that you couldn’t be both anti-war and pro-soldier. Imagine yourself talking to a young soldier and saying: “I think everything you risk your life to do is ill-advised, inhumane, murderous, sickening and the people who declared this war are liars, cheats, thugs and swindlers who don’t care if you die … but I support you entirely.”

    Do you think that young soldier FEELS supported?

  2. PatrickMead on

    I like Michele’s concept of taking our support to practical levels, i.e. doing something. It is the least we can do. Think of it this way: all of us hated Saddam’s rape rooms, the shredder he fed people into (one of our members was a soldier who had to clean four inches of human matter off the walls in that room), and the gassing of the Kurds… but the soldiers DID something about it.

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