Carter Steps in it (again)

I have to agree with one pundit who said that Jimmy Carter is a worse ex-president than he was president (and he was a BAD president). Since US law keeps us from giving support to terrorists, and thus keeps us from sending aid to Hamas, Carter suggests we engage in money laundering. Here’s what he said:

“If there are prohibitions — like, for instance, in the United States, against giving any money to a government that is controlled by Hamas — then the United States could channel the same amount of money to the Palestinian people through the United Nations, through the refugee fund, through UNICEF, things of that kind…

“[T]he people of Palestine — who already suffer … under Israeli occupation — will not suffer because they are deprived of a right to pay their school teachers, policemen, welfare workers, health workers and provide food for people.”

As Fishkite said, “According to Carter, this militant Islamic group has a right to pay its welfare bureaucrats with money taken from your paycheck.”

Sigh. Go away, Jimmy.

Read Fishkite’s post HERE.


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