Global Warming is Over?

Mike Cope recently posted an article by Jim Wallis (of Sojourners). It talked some about global warming, and how some evangelicals are finally getting on board and accepting the notion that global warming is a fact. It saddens me that some will question your faith and commitment if you don’t embrace the tree-hugger movement.

Well, perhaps Wallis and his supporters should read This Article before jumping to anymore conclusions.

The also might read This Post from Patrick Mead on how scientists have become the new priests in our culture.


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  1. Anonymous on

    Hi Jeff,

    Sorry I didn’t answer your specific question earlier; I guess I was just looking beyond the question. The law was important; Paul said that he wouldn’t know what sin was if it hadn’t been for the law. But just blindly (faithfully?) obeying commands was never the point. There was something more. Notice Isaiah 1: the Hebrews were obeying the commands, but they were still “doing wrong”. Jesus says much the same, esp. in Matthew 5; he takes people beyond the law.

    So your question is, “If there is no law, why is it cheating?” It is cheating because I have made a promise to God and my wife and my community that I would not do it. If I do do it, I have hurt all of them, as well as myself; I have lost the trust of many; etc. Maybe I, like Paul, would not know what cheating was if the law had not told me. But I do know what it is and I don’t do it because of the extreme burdens brought on by this act. My ultimate salvation is not dependent on whether or not I cheat; if our salvation is dependent on our disobedience to laws, then we are all goners! But I do believe that the abundant life that Jesus offers here on earth is dependent on whether or not I cheat.

    Hope this answers the question,

  2. Jeff on

    Actually, I mostly agree with you. It just seemed that you were wandering into the land of antinomianism that Paul spoke against on occasion.

    No, our salvation does not come from from law-keeping. But at the same time, our holy God seeks obedience from those who would follow Him.

    I guess I’m just preaching against “cheap grace.”

  3. Anonymous on

    I thought we were probably on the same page. Thanks for the short discussion.


  4. ChrisWoznitza on

    Hi ich bin Chriswab aus Bottrop !! Viele Grüsse !!

  5. Anonymous on

    Speaking of global warming… It’s as much a fact of physical science as global cooling. As a former earth scientist, it apprears that the warming/cooling sequence has gone on for many, many years; probably somewhere between 4000 and 4.3 billion. It’s the way the earth balances it’s physical and chemical processes.

    If you buy into the age of the earth as 4.3 billion years, then 20, 50, 100 or even 10,000 years of warming (which we have NOT had) would not even be a partial blip on the “big picture” screen. If you don’t accept the 4.3 billion year age of the earth, then probably you don’t need to worry either because each of us has a mission to go and make disciples of all peoples.

    I DO think being responsible stewards of our environment is the gift we give to our children and future generations. But I think too many people think (and pontificate) in terms of “global” when there’s a lot of conservation work to be done in our own individual “communities” and our own personal behaviors. Of course, it’s easier to try to tell everyone else how they and the rest of the world should be than it is to change one’s own behavior, so there you are.

    The other thing that gets really annoying is why should my stance on global warming, conservation or preservation, taxes, the war in Iraq, Bush’s second term as president, whether we clap in worship, have a praise team or any such issues determine how others see my faith or the quality of my relationship with God?


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