Country Music fans "Not Ready To Make Nice"

The Dixie Chicks are learning that speech sometimes has consequences. The primary audience for their music has not forgotten that they criticized our President while on foreign soil during wartime. Of course, the Chicks themselves made sure that no one forgot by writing an angry song (“Not Ready To Make Nice”) about the incident and making it the first single on their new CD.

Read about it Here.

The country radio stations are giving them very little airplay and the songs from their new CD are not doing well on the Billboard charts. I’m all for freedom of speech, and I believe that the right of the Dixie Chicks to say what they want should be protected.

But they need to realize that speech sometimes has consequences. And they shouldn’t whine when they begin to experience those consequences.

I like their music, but I just can’t bring myself to listen anymore. I appreciate what Larry The Cable Guy said — “I like the Dixie Chicks’ music. But that little fat one needs to shut-up.”


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  1. PatrickMead on

    You’re right: everyone has the right to speak, but no one has the right to be heard or the right to be taken seriously. I often hear people say that everyone has a right to their opinion. True, but not all opinions are equal. Some are stupid.

    No Dixie Chicks in our house, thanks.

  2. contratimes on

    Go, Larry The Cable Guy! That’s a great quote, and though it smacks of mean-spiritedness, it is precisely the sort of advice the Dixie Chicks should heed.

    There is nothing free about free speech, if you think about it.



  3. Claire on

    Eh, perhaps I’m misaken, but I honestly think you are. I have seen nothing that vadidates this statement – “they shouldn’t whine when they begin to experience those consequences”.
    Actually,they seem to be taking their “losses” quite well,never saying they wish the original statement had never been said. Quite the opposite – they apologized for “offending the office of the presidency”, but still stick to their views.
    You got to admire people who stand strong to their convictions, even if you don’t agree with them.

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