No Justice

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney punches a police officer and gets away with it. As Tina said on her blog:

“There was a time when whites could get away with assaulting blacks because nothing would be done. Now, apparently, prominent blacks won’t be prosecuted for assault because if anyone dares to, the race card will be pulled. Martin Luther King must be spinning in his grave.”

The cartoon above is by Mike Lester.


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  1. "Snapshot" on

    I read your blog almost every day. You do a great job. I’m also a conservative.
    This McKinney thing is awful. NEVER would this have happened if a white congressman had assalted a black female police officer. NEVER.
    It’s sickening and will be overlooked by the majority of the country who chooses to look the other way.
    Thanks for your thoughts. I enjoy your blog!

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