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Old Liberal in a New Package

Thomas Sowell has an excellent column pointing out (among other things) that Barack Hussein Obama is nothing but an old liberal in a slick new package.  He is promoting ideas that have failed time and time again.

Read it Here.




I read an article today that says the idea of Joe Lieberman jumping to the Republican Party is a “remote possibility.” This would, of course, tip the balance of power in the Senate to the Republicans.

After the way the demeecrats treated him in the last election, he should definitely make the jump. They did not stand by him. Why should he remain loyal to them?

Come to the light, Joe!

The Half Hour News Hour

I watched the Half Hour News Hour on Fox News tonight — it’s billed as The Daily Show for conservatives. I was pleasantly surprised. Conservatives don’t have a good track record doing comedy and satire, but this show was well done and funny. It was great to turn on the TV and see Barack Obama, Al Gore, environmental and Hollywood activists and the ACLU lampooned.

Check it out next Sunday night.



It did not take Barack Hussein Obama very long to stumble in his campaign to be President of the United States.  While criticizing the war at a campaign stop in Iowa, he referred to “3,000 lives of the bravest young Americans wasted…”

Wasted?  Wasted???  Not long after making the statement, he apologized.  But one has to wonder if it was a statement that reflects his true beliefs.  After all, Jesus said, “out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.”

And this guy wants to be Commander-in-Chief?

The Dippy Chicks

The Big News this morning is that the Dixie Chicks won 5 Grammy Awards last night. But is this really Big News? Is anyone really surprised by this? Did anyone really believe that the leftist music industry would not reward the Chicks for opposing and criticizing President Bush?

Most of the people in the audience who gave them a standing ovation last night would not be able to listen to the Chicks music for more than 2 minutes. But they could listen to their political views for hours. And that’s the main reason they won last night.