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Hillary The Socialist


Hillary Clinton finally acknowledged that she is a Socialist. In a speech to the Manchester School of Technology, she said that shared prosperity should replace an ‘On Your Own’ society. She also used the dreaded F-word that liberals love: Fairness. Of course to liberals, ‘Fairness’ means to punish success and achievement and reward laziness and mediocrity.

So basically, Hillary wants us to relive the Carter years!


Even More Liberal Hypocrisy


John Edwards charged $55,000 to speak to college students about poverty.  It is hard to believe, but it is true.  Read about it HERE.

Remember, Edwards is the guy who has said he wants to remove the financial barriers that keep kids from going to college.  Well, John — charging a college $55,000 to give a speech is not helping matters!

Good Thoughts

Roland, over at The Moratorium Site, has a great post about unions.

Read it HERE.