Limbaugh Controversy

You’ve probably heard about the Rush Limbaugh controversy.  But if you only listen to the mainstream media, you have not heard the truth.  Patrick Mead has a great post about it.  I tried to post a quote from it on Mark Elrod’s blog, but he refused to publish my comment.  So here it is:

I wrote on my other blog a few lines about the Rush Limbaugh controversy (see “Don’t Give Away Your Brain”). Regardless of how you feel about Limbaugh — and he can drive me up a wall sometimes — those who are knowingly taking his words out of context and then lying about it are tripping my Gag-O-Meter. 

Limbaugh was speaking of men who claimed to be soldiers, claimed to have taken part in atrocities, and claimed to know the dirty secrets of the evil war machine in Iraq… and who were never soldiers at all. Need names? The US Attorney listed some of them just over a week ago (September 21st 2007), calling them “phony soldiers” and describing what they’d done as “stolen valor.” Google Jessie Macbeth, Reggie Buddle, Larry Lewis Porter, Roy J. Scott, Merrick Hershey, Michael Heit, Elvin Swisher, and Carlos Riosvalle for starters. NBC had just done a story on them the Monday before Limbaugh’s comments on Wednesday.

These phony soldiers are heroes on Islamic websites all over the world. Videos of them claiming they were ordered to kill children in mosques and hang them from the rafters, chop off hands and heads (wow — anyone else flashback to Kerry’s lies about Vietnam Vets?), and indiscriminately fire into homes with women and children present are all over Arab media and cited as proof of how evil America is. They are used to recruit new terrorists, new suicide bombers. These liars have caused the deaths of many of our best young men and women. This isn’t just padding a resume; this is lying with deadly consequences.

Read the entire post HERE.


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  1. Roland on

    Wow. How strange. Elrod censors my comments as well….only when they are critical of him or his cronies.

    How would you like to have him as a Political Science Professor? Someone who is that closed minded? Someone who gets his kicks out of making sure only his point gets across? I can tell you from personal experience that his classroom is just like his blog. He would always open his class by talking about current events but if you brought up a Liberal issue that made them look bad (in the 90’s there were quite a few) he would either dismiss it or wouldn’t have time to get into it (but he had all the time in the world to bash Conservatives). What a weenie!

  2. Jim Shelton on

    Just read Patrick’s complete post — it was very good.

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