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Change We Don’t Need

Barack Obama (B.O.) keeps talking about change (lately, he is wanting to Change the subject as his relationship with his racist pastor has been the hot topic). But exactly what kind of change would we get if B.O. is elected President?

  • He will undo (through executive order) all the restrictions on abortion that President Bush put in place.
  • He will work with congress to pass the law doing away with secret ballots when workers vote on union representation.
  • He will raise taxes.
  • He will increase government regulation, red tape, and bureaucracy.
  • He will do his best to emasculate our military.
  • He will appoint liberal activist judges to the Supreme Court who will seek to write new laws instead of simply interpret the constitution.
  • He will raise taxes.
  • He will increase the size of government.
  • He will do his best to create more of a “nanny state” (meaning more things like seat belt laws, smoking bans, and other laws to protect us from ourselves).
  • He will give legitimacy to fringe groups like
  • He will raise taxes.
  • He will seek to “understand” terrorists instead of killing them.

Need I say more? This is the kind of change we don’t need. Yes We Can? No You Don’t!