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Laura Ingraham is on a roll:

“Barack Obama wants your money! That’s what John McCain said this morning in a speech at the National Small Business Summit, and I hope it’s a sign of things to come. Obama’s on Day 2 of an 11-day “economic tour,” which by the looks of things, promises to be the gift that keeps on giving. McCain’s lucky to be running against a guy who thinks the president is the “manager of the economy,” which Obama said today on MSNBC. In his delusion he thinks that he can tax America into an era of prosperity. This man couldn’t teach a high school course in economics — and what has he ever managed?

“Currently, there are the 21.6 million sole proprietorships filing under the individual income tax,” McCain said today. “When Senator Obama talks about raising income tax rates on those making over 250,000 dollars — that includes these businesses as well. He also proposes increases in dividend and capital gains taxes. Under Senator Obama’s tax plan, Americans of every background would see their taxes rise — seniors, parents, small business owners, and just about everyone who has even a modest investment in the market.”

Raising taxes on small businesses, which create more than 90 percent of new jobs in America, is just plain stupid. Maybe Obama should try managing something on the order of a local McDonalds before taking over the world’s most powerful economy.”


Democrats and O.P.E.C.

This is from Laura Ingraham:

Let’s face facts. The Democratic Congress is quickly becoming OPEC’s best friend. As oil has skyrocketed $15 over the last two days, Americans are left powerless by Democrats’ refusal to allow the U.S. to become energy self-sufficient.

There is no way OPEC could hold us hostage to their supplies, no way they could continue to stick it to American consumers, no way they could continue to extract an annual bill of over $700 billion without Democrats systematically blocking any increase in the domestic fossil-fuel supply.

And while Democrats build roadblocks to major new new resources like a 250-year supply of soil and shale, they’ve pushed boondoggles like corn ethanol, an attempt at turning food into fuel that’s backfiring dangerously.

OPEC itself could not have written a better game-plan to undermine America’s sovereignty.

McGovern, Mondale, Obama

This is from Laura Ingraham:

Now that Barack Obama has the nomination sewn up, we’ll see just how much scrutiny the dinosaur media gives him. He prides himself on having “turned the page” on “old style politics.” His people say he’s a transformer. But the more we observe him, the more we see a conventional left-wing politician of the McGovern/Mondale variety. Time Magazine reports from a Monday morning pancake breakfast with Obama in Sioux Falls, SD:

Lynn Hart, a man wearing a cowboy hat, handed Obama a cell phone. “I got a Republican here who wants to vote for you,” said Hart, who lives in Flandreau, S.D., on the Santee Sioux Reservation. Obama took the phone and talked to Hart’s friend, whom Hart identified as rancher Blair Hamilton of Reva, S.D. “Nice to meet you,” Obama told Hamilton. “I need your vote.” Responding to a comment by Hamilton, Obama said into the cellphone: “All right, I won’t raise your taxes. I promise.”

This is the typical pandering that has made most of America nauseated by both parties. And it runs contrary to what Obama himself has pledged during his “historic campaign.” When Obama threatens to repeal the Bush tax cuts, while hiking the capital-gains, death and payroll taxes (all of which impact taxpayers across the wealth spectrum) is he furtively whispering under his breath “except for Blair Hamilton”? Of course not. He’s doing what politicians do–he’s lying.