McGovern, Mondale, Obama

This is from Laura Ingraham:

Now that Barack Obama has the nomination sewn up, we’ll see just how much scrutiny the dinosaur media gives him. He prides himself on having “turned the page” on “old style politics.” His people say he’s a transformer. But the more we observe him, the more we see a conventional left-wing politician of the McGovern/Mondale variety. Time Magazine reports from a Monday morning pancake breakfast with Obama in Sioux Falls, SD:

Lynn Hart, a man wearing a cowboy hat, handed Obama a cell phone. “I got a Republican here who wants to vote for you,” said Hart, who lives in Flandreau, S.D., on the Santee Sioux Reservation. Obama took the phone and talked to Hart’s friend, whom Hart identified as rancher Blair Hamilton of Reva, S.D. “Nice to meet you,” Obama told Hamilton. “I need your vote.” Responding to a comment by Hamilton, Obama said into the cellphone: “All right, I won’t raise your taxes. I promise.”

This is the typical pandering that has made most of America nauseated by both parties. And it runs contrary to what Obama himself has pledged during his “historic campaign.” When Obama threatens to repeal the Bush tax cuts, while hiking the capital-gains, death and payroll taxes (all of which impact taxpayers across the wealth spectrum) is he furtively whispering under his breath “except for Blair Hamilton”? Of course not. He’s doing what politicians do–he’s lying.


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