Democrats and O.P.E.C.

This is from Laura Ingraham:

Let’s face facts. The Democratic Congress is quickly becoming OPEC’s best friend. As oil has skyrocketed $15 over the last two days, Americans are left powerless by Democrats’ refusal to allow the U.S. to become energy self-sufficient.

There is no way OPEC could hold us hostage to their supplies, no way they could continue to stick it to American consumers, no way they could continue to extract an annual bill of over $700 billion without Democrats systematically blocking any increase in the domestic fossil-fuel supply.

And while Democrats build roadblocks to major new new resources like a 250-year supply of soil and shale, they’ve pushed boondoggles like corn ethanol, an attempt at turning food into fuel that’s backfiring dangerously.

OPEC itself could not have written a better game-plan to undermine America’s sovereignty.


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