Laura Ingraham is on a roll:

“Barack Obama wants your money! That’s what John McCain said this morning in a speech at the National Small Business Summit, and I hope it’s a sign of things to come. Obama’s on Day 2 of an 11-day “economic tour,” which by the looks of things, promises to be the gift that keeps on giving. McCain’s lucky to be running against a guy who thinks the president is the “manager of the economy,” which Obama said today on MSNBC. In his delusion he thinks that he can tax America into an era of prosperity. This man couldn’t teach a high school course in economics — and what has he ever managed?

“Currently, there are the 21.6 million sole proprietorships filing under the individual income tax,” McCain said today. “When Senator Obama talks about raising income tax rates on those making over 250,000 dollars — that includes these businesses as well. He also proposes increases in dividend and capital gains taxes. Under Senator Obama’s tax plan, Americans of every background would see their taxes rise — seniors, parents, small business owners, and just about everyone who has even a modest investment in the market.”

Raising taxes on small businesses, which create more than 90 percent of new jobs in America, is just plain stupid. Maybe Obama should try managing something on the order of a local McDonalds before taking over the world’s most powerful economy.”


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  1. Roland on

    It’s quite funny, the difference between the two. To solve our economic slump, McCain wants to drill more, Obama wants to tax more. You look at that and thing “How could ANYONE see those two facts and still vote for Obama?”

    …then again, you see the trash Elrod writes on his blog and wonder why anyone would ever take even one class with him. BTW, have you seen his (and GKB’s) latest spew on gay marriage and homosexuality? I figured you might want to throw in your two cents (that is, if he even lets you post).

  2. Jonathan on


    Why wouldn’t ME let P&C comment?

    Because he isn’t interested in having a thoughtful conversation with people of opposing views? No.

    Because he only allows comments that agree with him? No.

    Because he disrespects reasoned opinions with which he happens to disagree and dismisses them as trash and spew? No.

    In my experience, P&C’s comments are sometimes a little heavy on the sarcasm and condescension, but I don’t doubt the ME’s and GKB’s (and mine) often are too when viewed from a different perspective. I’m pretty sure P&C’s comments would be welcome.

  3. Roland on

    I don’t know Jonathan. He doesn’t let me post anymore. No reason given at all. I began to post there and I would point out when he was wrong or when he was being hypocritical. I was never rude or used foul language. He simply stopped posting my posts. No reason given.

    I saw him once give a response to someone who was complaining about this same thing. His response was “It’s my blog, I can do what I want.” That is true and he can but then he whines when people post anonymously. What does he expect when he deletes posts all the time for no reason?

  4. Politics & Culture on


    What Roland said. Elrod has stopped allowing anyone from Politics & Culture to comment on his blog (P&C is more than one person).

    It’s too bad. We could have some good lively discussions there. But now, there is very little disagreement and debate. Just a lot of patting each other on the back and looking down their noses at conservatives.

  5. Jonathan on

    I’m skeptical. How would ME know who is in the shadowy P&C clan? Have you confirmed with ME that you’re banned?

  6. Roland on

    Well, he doesn’t post any of my postings at all. I would respond to a topic and it would never show up. I would post again, thinking it was an error and then nothing. I tried again on another post and nothing.

    I love this recent quote of his:
    “One final thought: I’m still convinced that if you’re going to debate or criticize someone in public, you should have the guts to sign your name to it. Masks are for clowns, terrorists and Klansmen.”

    What a JOKE!! How about having the guts to post opposing opinions?

  7. Jonathan on

    The gay marriage thread is full of opposing opinions.

  8. Politics & CUlture on


    All I’m saying is that two members of P&C have tried to comment on Elrod’s blog and have been unsuccessful — after having no problem in the past.

    Yes, there are some opposing opinions on the gay marriage thread. But if you look at most of his posts over the past few months, you will find very little actual discussion and debate. Just a lot of liberal self-righteousness.

  9. Roland on

    Did you see that Elrod is taking his blog private?

    Look for a blog from the staff of the Moratorium site today about this.

    The best is that GKB talks about letting academic freedom ring. Yeah, Elrod sure does that on his blog, doesn’t he?

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