Obama the Messiah

Check out THIS COLUMN.

One of the best things I’ve read in quite some time.


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  1. goodtimepolitics on

    I heard that Barack Obama was going to walk back home across the pond.

  2. preacherman on

    I think statements like this hurt Christianity. Oboma is offering hope, change and reform in America.
    He never has claimed to be the Messiah.
    I think it is because most Americans that have lost hope that they see him as a breath of fresh air and wonderful.

    How many times have had the republicans had to stop abortion making it illegal but haven’t.

    I believe they are using the the abortion issue, promising to end it to get the votes of Christians.

    I think it is sad that so many old white men don’t want a black running the country.

    Obama is a man who has a vision, dream and inspires Amricans.
    He is a man who wants to take care of the American people who have been neglected for way to long. It is time for Americans to be focused on. It is time we deal with the economy, health care, high gas prices, higher education and countless othe issues that have been neglected over the last 8 years.

    I think President Obama is going to be great and do a fantastic job.

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