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  1. Jonathan on

    cluck cluck

  2. Angry D. on

    How about this, Jonathan. Would you pay my share of the taxes you’re so fired up to give away? I’m already paying 55% (The cost of government in Washington state is 55% average among the taxpayers. I just earned my first dollar for myself about three weeks ago.)

    I can’t take much more, so why don’t YOU do it for a while?

    Angry D.

  3. Jonathan on

    It’s not like I enjoy paying taxes, but I don’t mind paying my share. I view them as membership dues that are scaled according to ability to pay. The benefits I enjoy living here are well worth the taxes I pay. But I don’t want to pay your share. 😉

    Ambivalent J.

  4. Jeff B. on

    I know I’m a little late on this discussion. But if anyone is still following this discussion, I’d like to ask Jonathan what he believes his fair share is, and how he determines what he considers fair.

    I ask these questions because I often see liberals and Democrats and RINOS like McCain talking about people paying their “fair share” and playing the class warfare card without ever defining “fair share” or indicating at what point the government is asking too much. It often seems like there is no ceiling to what is “fair” when it comes to the “rich” (also an ambiguous term).

  5. Jonathan on

    Hi Jeff B,

    Any plans to start blogging again? Also, I appreciate your efforts express contrary points of view in ways that foster discussion rather than bickering or offense.

    I don’t have a good answer for what my fair share is, but the tax code defines what my share is and I seem to be among the minority for which rendering unto Caeser doesn’t cause much heartburn.

  6. Jeff B. on

    I think about attempting a return to blogging from time to time. However, I haven’t yet worked up the motivation to do it. But keep your eye on my blog. I will probably pick things back up soon. People expressing interest like you have just done sure does make me want to start back up again.

    “Rendering unto Caesar” isn’t what I have a problem with. My concern, believe it or not, is for “the least of these” who suffer the most from our system of taxation. The more the rich job creators are taxed, the more they either raise prices or cut expenses (i.e. salaries and/or employees) to make up for the money that they are losing in taxes. So putting the financial burden for our growing socialism and growing empire only hurts the poor who either lose their jobs, get their pay cut, or have to pay more for the goods and services they need.

    “Make the rich pay their fair share” is, therefore, an answer that sounds good but, in our economic system, only hurts others.

  7. Burt Hollandsworth on

    I don’t know if this site is legit. but there appear to be corporate and individual income tax rates for every country:

    The U.S. is listed as 15-35% for private income tax which is definitely not as good as Russia (13% for everyone) but much better than Denmark (38-59%).

    I’m moving to Siberia.

  8. preacherman on

    I can’t believe we still see this kind of racism in 2008. It is so very sad. I wonder if he was repremanded by State Farm? State Farm shouldn’t want represenatives that are racists.

  9. policulture on

    Hi Preacherman. Thanks for stopping by.

    What is racist about this?

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