More Hypocrisy

Check this out:


What would happen if a conservative said something like this?  It would be called hate speech.

Those of you who consider yourself Democrats or liberals, what is your response to this?  Can you not see the double standard in the media?  Let me hear from you.


2 comments so far

  1. anonymous on

    sandra bernhard is consistently nasty, not just about politicians, but about other celebrities as well. she’s a talented singer and performer, but she’s so bitter and crude that i can’t stand to watch her–and it takes a lot to offend me.

    and no question, if a republican said it, he or she would be tarred and feathered. on the other hand, maybe the media just wants to ignore her like i do.

  2. Roland on

    I would agree but do they ignore the crackpots on the right? No way. They repeat their stupid things from the rooftops no matter who they are.

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