Blame it on the Democrats

The Democrats are to blame for the current financial crisis:

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Sounds like Obama’s got some explaining to do!


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  1. Lloyd on

    This is an incredibly shortsighted view of who is at fault here. This is neither a Democrat or Republican fail, but an epic bipartisan one.

    If you wanted to pick out the worst big-name offenders, then look to Woodrow Wilson (Dem) in 1913 for allowing the Federal Reserve Act and Richard Nixon (Rep) in 1971 for disabling conversion of the dollar into gold by foreign asset holders.

    The ability of the Fed to monetize debt, to create money from debt, and to work with almost no oversight or auditing is what has brought us to this point. Only reversal of this inane economic policy will help. Otherwise, buckle up. We’re in for a very bumpy ride.

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