President Bush at Harding University

As many of you know, former President George W. Bush spoke at Harding University last night.  From what I have heard, the former President was great — interesting, engaging and very funny.  I had family members who attended the speech and the reception and got to meet Mr. Bush.

What I found sad was Harding professor Mark Elrod’s comments on Twitter during the event.  He criticized, disrespected and made fun of President Bush throughout his speech — questioning his intelligence, second-guessing statements (and having his disciples fact-check those statements).  But even worse, he made fun of the audience (which contained fellow professors, students and administrators from Harding).


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  1. drburth on

    I’m sure MElrod’s tweets were entertaining to those who can see them. For those of us banned from his blogosphere, facebookosphere, and tweetosphere, I guess we’ll just have to imagine.

  2. drturbh on

    Why were you banned from his blog, facebook, and tweets? Wasn’t it because Elrod himself made the decision to make them private? That was what he said at the time. If that’s not true, well, you can draw your own conclusions.

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