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Cowardly Comedians

Isn’t it sad that stand-up comedians, late night talk show hosts, etc. have become complete cowards?  With very few exceptions, they are afraid to make fun of Obama because someone might call them a racist.  Bush is still fair game, but Obama is off limits.

I sure wish a few of them would grow some balls.


Yes We Can!


This picture really sums up Obama’s trip to the middle east…..

Obama’s Character

“Barack Obama will not be coming to us,” a spokesperson for the US military hospital in Landstuhl announced. “I don’t know why.” Well, Barack Obama clearly has his priorities in the right place during his time in Germany. A planned visit with wounded U.S. troops at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center was abruptly canceled today, but “citizen of the world” Obama still managed to squeeze in a workout at (where else?) the Ritz Carlton in Berlin. The campaign’s pathetic excuse for the change? Obama adviser Robert Gibbs tried to spin the situation faster than Barack Obama on his elliptical machine, claiming it “would be inappropriate to make a stop to visit troops at a U.S. military facility as part of a trip funded by the campaign.” Wow, how ethical of him.

h/t Laura Ingraham

Where’s The Teleprompter At???

We’d like to know what incredibly important event Barack Obama has scheduled on August 11 that prevents him from participating in a debate at Texas’ Fort Hood. The townhall event, sponsored by an array of military support groups, hopes to offer the 6,000-strong audience (predominantly veterans and military families) an opportunity to directly question their next commander-in-chief. John McCain is ready and willing, but so far the Obama just can’t find an opening. We wonder what scares him most — a face-to-face matchup with McCain, potential heckles, or simply not being in front of his customary mass gathering of zombies. Whatever the explanation, Obama looks weak in front an audience that needs to respect him as their commander. Not a good start.

–From Laura Ingraham