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Yes We Can!


This picture really sums up Obama’s trip to the middle east…..


In Over His Head

Obama is in over his head.  This is from Laura Ingraham:

What a difference 17 days make!

It seems like just yesterday when the biggest challenge facing President Obama was whether or not he could keep his Blackberry, or which puppy to get his daughters. Now, long after Will.I.Am and Beyonce have cleared out of Washington, and the glow of the inauguration has faded, reality is setting in. Turns out that leading is a lot more difficult than campaigning.

Last night, a petulant President Obama, frustrated that the so-called stimulus bill had stalled, railed against “cable talkers” and whined about how he “inherited this debt”! Excuse me, I thought he was elected on the promise that he was uniquely positioned to clean up America’s economic mess! Even the perpetually mushy David Gergen said President Obama’s speech was overly partisan and risky. Lately, President Obama sounds a lot more like candidate Obama — yet now the slogans and high-minded rhetoric are odd and ineffective.

The more time people have to absorb the contents of this spendiferous bill, the faster its popularity sinks. According to the latest CBS News poll, only 21 percent believe the bill will significantly shorten the recession. Forty-five percent say it won’t make a darn bit of difference! So today, President Obama announced … an economic advisory board! The last refuge of a clueless politician is the formation of a commission, task force, or, in this case, an advisory board. So this is what he meant by “change”? Hiring more Washington “experts” is the last thing we need now. What we need is real leadership.

There is no doubt about it — this economic recovery plan is the centerpiece of President Obama’s first year in office. Yet as it’s now surrounded by controversy and questions, the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan” is on the verge of being passed without any meaningful Republican support. President Obama, in the role of Charmer-in-Chief, wrongly thought he could win Republican support merely by wining and dining a few GOP leaders at the White House. Thank God they aren’t such cheap dates.

If he’d stuck around Congress a little longer, President Obama might have learned just how messy the legislative process can get without strong executive leadership. Now he’s stuck trying to convince Americans that his radioactive crap sandwich is just what the doctor ordered.

Good luck with that.