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President Bush at Harding University

As many of you know, former President George W. Bush spoke at Harding University last night.  From what I have heard, the former President was great — interesting, engaging and very funny.  I had family members who attended the speech and the reception and got to meet Mr. Bush.

What I found sad was Harding professor Mark Elrod’s comments on Twitter during the event.  He criticized, disrespected and made fun of President Bush throughout his speech — questioning his intelligence, second-guessing statements (and having his disciples fact-check those statements).  But even worse, he made fun of the audience (which contained fellow professors, students and administrators from Harding).


More on nutty Jimbo

Mick Wright has a great post on Jimmy Carter.  Check it out HERE.

Happy Halloween!


Great Post

Roland over at The Moratorium Site has a great post called “Jersey Wearers.”

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Limbaugh Controversy

You’ve probably heard about the Rush Limbaugh controversy.  But if you only listen to the mainstream media, you have not heard the truth.  Patrick Mead has a great post about it.  I tried to post a quote from it on Mark Elrod’s blog, but he refused to publish my comment.  So here it is:

I wrote on my other blog a few lines about the Rush Limbaugh controversy (see “Don’t Give Away Your Brain”). Regardless of how you feel about Limbaugh — and he can drive me up a wall sometimes — those who are knowingly taking his words out of context and then lying about it are tripping my Gag-O-Meter. 

Limbaugh was speaking of men who claimed to be soldiers, claimed to have taken part in atrocities, and claimed to know the dirty secrets of the evil war machine in Iraq… and who were never soldiers at all. Need names? The US Attorney listed some of them just over a week ago (September 21st 2007), calling them “phony soldiers” and describing what they’d done as “stolen valor.” Google Jessie Macbeth, Reggie Buddle, Larry Lewis Porter, Roy J. Scott, Merrick Hershey, Michael Heit, Elvin Swisher, and Carlos Riosvalle for starters. NBC had just done a story on them the Monday before Limbaugh’s comments on Wednesday.

These phony soldiers are heroes on Islamic websites all over the world. Videos of them claiming they were ordered to kill children in mosques and hang them from the rafters, chop off hands and heads (wow — anyone else flashback to Kerry’s lies about Vietnam Vets?), and indiscriminately fire into homes with women and children present are all over Arab media and cited as proof of how evil America is. They are used to recruit new terrorists, new suicide bombers. These liars have caused the deaths of many of our best young men and women. This isn’t just padding a resume; this is lying with deadly consequences.

Read the entire post HERE.

iPod Contest

The blog “It’s Write Now” is hosting an iPod giveaway.  You might want to check it out.

Here is a link to the site.  And here is a link to the contest.

Good Luck!

The Dippy Chicks

The Big News this morning is that the Dixie Chicks won 5 Grammy Awards last night. But is this really Big News? Is anyone really surprised by this? Did anyone really believe that the leftist music industry would not reward the Chicks for opposing and criticizing President Bush?

Most of the people in the audience who gave them a standing ovation last night would not be able to listen to the Chicks music for more than 2 minutes. But they could listen to their political views for hours. And that’s the main reason they won last night.

Barack Hussein Obama is in

Osama Obama (as Ted Kennedy is fond of calling him) will be running for President in 2008. He made the announcement on his web site today. His announcement was full of cliches, but not much substance. Nevertheless, the media (and many bloggers) are having multiple Obamagasms.

I don’t understand the appeal of this guy. He has done very little politically. He has only been a U.S. senator for a few years, and he got there by defeating Alan Keyes (not too impressive). He is from a red state and he is one of the most liberal senators in D.C.

I could be wrong, but I believe the demeecrats need to put someone like Bill Clinton (i.e. a liberal in moderate clothing from a southern state) if they want to win the White House. I think The Breck Girl has a better chance than Osama Obama.

But I may be underestimating him. From the picture above, it is obvious that he knows the song “Where is Thumbkin”. He may have learned it from The Breck Girl. It seems The Breck Girl also knows the second verse (“Where is Pointer”).

That sounds familiar…

“We intend to lead the most honest, the most open and the most ethical Congress in history.”

–Nancy Pelosi

Didn’t Bill Clinton say something similar when he was elected? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

(h/t to Mike The Eyeguy)


I don’t care who you are….. This is funny!